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Starting to get ready for winter here in the PNW. Decided that we'll probably wind up keeping the "E"(see Trading Post) and should probably put some better tires than the Wranglers that came on it. We bought the E new in Dec 2006. We have put on just over 14,000 miles and were really not happy how the Wranglers handled nor their tire mileage. Only had about 6/32nd tread left at this point:

After much research we decided on the Nokian WRG2 SUV Tire in size P225/70/R16. A lot of positive comments on this tire. We also had some Nokian tires on our Subaru and they really did well on snow and ice. Some pics of the new shoes:

Mounting, balancing, tax, etc. we're into these for $730. The dealer is local and would take care of us should something happen. Probably not the best deal but we're happy. We'll put some miles on them and I'll report back.

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