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Yo peeps. My first car was an 88 Civic Hatch that I bought off a friend of a friend. Good motor but the rest of the car was a POS. Then drove a 94 Impreza wagon for the next 10 years. Great little car but eventually looked like rotten swiss cheese. Just recently bought my third car, a 2003 E-mobile with 120,000 kms in excellent condition. Hope it lasts at least another 10 years. There seems to be a high concentration of Elements in my neighbourhood here in the west side of Toronto, Ontario.

Just changed the oil and boy did it need it. But damn that filter is in an awkward place. Thought I needed to remove the right front wheel to get at it but just needed to jack it up and crawl under. I used genuine Honda oil and filter, not cheap. I'm picking up a fog lamp kit from a dealer this week. I've been wanting one of these for the last few years and really enjoy driving it.

A couple of issues I didn't expect: the fuel economy is nothing to brag about and the suspension is quite stiff. I prefer a more plush ride. I'll probably replace the struts next year. The rear end has that clunk noise going over a bump but I read about the sway bar bushings and will replace those shortly.

I also restore vintage Honda motorcycles, particularly the CB350. Any other vintage bike riders here?
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