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Back seat lever compartments

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Are the plastic compartments that contain the levers for flipping the back seats up hard to shut and keep shut for anybody else? Mine don't seem to latch very well. I can get them to shut with a little finesse but sometimes they'll pop back open.
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If you mean the hinge compartment where the seats meet the side of the truck, then yes. Although I don't own one yet, I have noticed that these doors do flip open easily, especially when folding the rear seats down. The latch is a plastic spring-like clip that locks into a groove. Not a very robust design. In May, when I pick my E up, I plan to make a few engineering modifications, one of which will be replacing that clip with a latch. A minor annoyance, but one I plan to remedy, along with the spare tire cover, and the plastic body panels. I will probably post a page on my domain with info on the mods I make. I'll keep everyone here informed.
The plastic compartment is opened when you are going to remove the seats, not to flip them up.

To flip them up is super easy.. you recline, release from the floor then latch to the wall.. and flip the seat leg down.. reverse to bring them back.. very easy!

removing is a little more tedious.. but odds are bringing them in and out of a vehicle would not be as normal or as routine as flipping them up would be.
Regardless of HOW they're flipped up, my nit is just that those plastic compartments on the walls don't shut and stay shut very well.

A very minor thing. I might just add some velcro to the inside or something.
See your dealer, odds are they might need to be replaced or something.. you just paid alot of money don't settle for the little things being a problem and jerry-rigging it.. check with your dealer.
Just bought my Element Wednesday night and picked it up last night. I've been looking at small SUVs for weeks but couldn't get the Element out of my mind. I took one in they had in stock. (I was happy to get 2.99% financing for five years.)
I love this thing. I'm like a little kid who can't stop looking under the Christmas Tree at his presents.
I was playing with the back seats last night. I was suprised by the design of side compartments. They don't really latch well at all. No big deal, I might try something later if it bothers me.
Question, I went to flip up the the rear seats but there was no clip to attach to side wall. Are these hidden somewhere or are they supposed to be already attached to seats?
Hi Sideshow Bob... or is it Mel? I could never tell the difference...

Anyway, I couldn't find the clips at first either. They are tucked into the seat itself. It's a little hard to find at first (and even at second), but if you look at the inside part of the seat (the side farthest from the wall) -- or from a different perspective, as you put the seat up, it's the side of the seat that is closest to the ceiling -- you can find the clip tucked into a little pocket near the front of the seat (which would be closest to the front of the car)....

boy, that sure sounds confusing... HTH
Because I like you, you may call me 'Robert Underdunk Terwilliger'. Thanks for answer about the clips. I was going to look in spare tire compartment tonight.
Flip Seats side clip: hee you guys made me laugh.. i am picturing the whole hunt for the clips! I guess I was lucky I found them really fast! Oh well.. It is fun though, this vehicle and its things, and toys, and stuff!

[quote:5129ee60a4="GYPSYTDA"]i am picturing the whole hunt for the clips![/quote:5129ee60a4]

well, you might not be that far off...

My first time trying to find those clips was in the parking lot at Whole Foods. I was with a friend of mine, and I was trying to show him how the seats flip up, but the demo wasn't going so well, mostly because I couldn't find the clips....

But then another Element drove by, the only one that I've seen on the streets besides mine, by the way, and he was totally checking out my E. I was hoping he would stop and help me find the clips...
Just wanted to post a quick thanks Puppy. I kind of felt like a knucklehead when I pulled the strap out of pockets and saw the clips attached. Momentary brain fart I quess.
Anyway, thanks. I love my snow covered Element.
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