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Back to stock wheels...

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This week I put the stock wheels (with new Bridgestone Ecopia HL422 215/70R16) back on my Element. For the past few years I have had 18" wheels (18x8) with Toyo Proxes ST 255/50R18 tires.

The Toyos were loud but I didn't realize how much so until putting these new tires on. The Bridgestones are super quiet and provide a smooth ride. The original wheel and tire is much lighter in weight, and makes the car feel a touch more responsive and quicker. It feels great on local streets - I also just swapped in new strut assemblies all around.

However, I got on the highway for the first time today, and the wind was pushing me around so easily. I'd forgotten how much the E sways in the wind. With the large wheels and tires my Element was straight and steady and gripped the road tightly. I do miss how my Element looked and the handling of the large wheels, but not the road noise and feel.

I don't have a question or anything, just making an observation. I may be selling the 18s in the near future.
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I'm also planning on switching back to factory EX wheels and 215/70R16 tires. But it's been years since I changed to aftermarket 18" wheels and I already forgot how it felt.

How do you find the ride coming from 18" and going back to 16" wheels, in terms of bumpiness? Did you feel an immediate improvement or would you attribute it to your new struts?
Dubla, thanks for the feedback...very helpful.
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