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Well I finally had my first "problem" due to my "e" (and my bad judgement). I was making a short trip when i noticed police lights in my rearview. I thought they were trying to get around me so I pulled over to let them by, when I realized they were commimng for me. Being we were on a street in, Philadelphia, that has no place for stopping, I drove to the next block and turned left to pull over saftley. The officer that pulled me over said" why the hell didn't you pull over whenn i was first behind you". i apologized to him and said that i didn't know that we could pull over in the middle of the street which is where he wanted me to go. He then proceeded to tell me that I sailed hrough a red light which is why i was pulled over.

Now i didn't realize the light was red so I didn't argue with the officer, but i then realized that there were 3 police cruisers behind me. and they couldn't figure the E out. the tinted windows frustred them because they couldn't see what was goining on in the back (nothing). As the on officer wrote the ticket, 3 others were stationed around the E. at one point I went to adjust the disarray of paperwork in the glove box that i had to make while getting my reg/ins papers when a flashlight shone in my face and i was told to "relax" by the officer standing in that position.

When the officer came back to give me my ticket (104 dollars) he told me he could have sighted me for not pulling over when he first signaled.
i apologized again and told him that i was not trying to evade him. he told me to drive saftly and went on his way.

I think the "e" confused them and they thought something shadey was going on back there. I have much respect for the law and know we are at a "tense" time in the world so i don't blame them for being cautious.

But i swear I'm not a terrorist, I just Drive a cool car!! :)
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