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sooo... my drivers side ball joint needs to be replaced. and as im sure most of you know, honda doesn't sell just the joint. So mechanic orders aftermarket joint. falls right in, too small. they figure maybe its defective or boxed wrong. get a replacement, same thing. order a different mfg, same thing. my brother who is a mechanic stops at a dealer and talks to them. they get the part special order from their local NAPA. He goes down the street, guy there says yup this is it. i give him my cc# and order the damn thing. I drive an hour and half each way for a 40$ part.... and IT STILL DOESN'T FIT!! RGH!!
there has to be a part that fits this, no??
anyone one have any suggestions on brand/#??

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Welcome, Nonflaca3.

A thread-title search for keyword "joint" returns two relevant threads, among others.

In the first post of How to: Replace Lower Ball Joint, ASM writes:
Moog turns out to be only mfg to have a ball joint designed to work for Element. The part number is K500004
In Steering Knuckle / Lower Ball Joint Issues, I post:
Moog K500004
CTR W0133-1833514
Raybestos 5051330
If you have tried any of the above numbers and they're wrong, please report that.

Those two threads contain lots of other good information.

Service manual
Helm Inc.

Finally, I have added Moog 7014-07031141 (thanks Mott Power) to my parts list.

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Posting this here in case someone else finds themselves with a bad ball joint and has difficulty finding a replacement.

I just had a bear of time replacing my two front lower ball joints in my 2008 Element LX (still under 60k miles!). The tapers would not come loose without a lot of hammering. I used a combination of hammer(s), pickle fork, and a pitman-arm puller.

The driver side ball joint had a lot of play, it was easily audible from inside the car when going over bumps and around turns. The passenger side ball joint had a cracked boot, so I replaced it anyway while I had all the tools out.

I first tried the Moog K500004 ball joint as a replacement. This is the part suggested by many online parts-finder stores. It was too small, it fell right into the hole in the steering knuckle.

I then gambled on ordering a set of more expensive ball joints from AutoZone through the RareParts brand that looked wider in the photo. It's odd that there are no O.D. dimensions published anywhere for ball joints. Anyway, this part fit nicely and pressed into the knuckle correctly.

Here's the link to the AutoZone part as of October 2018: tps://

Here it is on Amazon:

I took measurements of the ball joints and show the results here:

Original ball joint: 43.07 mm outer diameter
Moog K500004: 40.16 mm outer diameter
Rare Parts 13620 (also marked BE1018018, Beck Arnley): 43.19 mm outer diameter

Image gallery here:

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