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Bassplayer5504's old wheel now on my E

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They needed some good polishing and the one tire he gave me plus another used on because one had a slipped belt, my tire guy is selling me 4 new Dunlop Sport Max tires this witer for $130 ea mounted and balanced. This winter I am going to have the curb rash fixed and have them stripped a spray chromed with either regular chrome or black chrome. The spray chrome last longer and is a lot cheaper plus can be done in any color you can think of, its a cool process. Now I just need the KSports to go through so I can slam it, the box sits way too high. Sorry the E is dirty, but you get the idea.


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I have always loved those Hagen rims!!!

They looks SWEEEEET on your E!!!!!!

Is the spray chrome a powder coat type of process???

Keep us posted with pics!!!!
it is not a powder coat at all. It is all liquid, go onto you tube and search spray on chrome, it is neat to watch, there is one of them doing a street bike fairing, it looks like it melts on the it. I will post more pics when I clean it and lower it for sure.
Thanks for the compliment
Sorry the E is dirty, but you get the idea.
You calling this dirty :confused::D You have not seen mine, or better gisele's :) Good job and I am glad we will be able to check it out in July!
For me, any dirt is dirty, and it rained on it the other day. It is usually more shiny than this, it looks bad right now, I am very anal about my cars, my camaro is 13 years old and the paint almost looks new other than the front bumper. I buff my cars twice a year then wax them once every 2 to 3 weeks, I need a new hobby.
Ha....the inside of my E is dirtier than your outside. Looks good man. Also, that's a killer price on 19" tires.
Yeah it is a killer price, its cheaper than going thru tire rack, Im lucky to have a buddy that owns a tire shop.
those look really nice on there. looking forward to seeing the drop.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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