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best air beds for e!

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i know there's a thread about it but i can't find it.I NEED ANSWERS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE cause im leaving for new hampshire next week end for nascar sprint cup race and i need to get a good air bed so me and my father can sleep well in my e! most of twin bed i saw where too large , i know the inside of the back of the element is 44'' wide so now i have to find the air bed that is as close as possible to this size or i ll have to sleep with seats down.this is what i do when i go to the drive-in theater(oustide theater im not sure how u call it in english)and its confortable but to sleep all night long like that im not quite sure.It s my first camping experience with my e and we ll only sleep there for one night so we wont really have the chance to re adjust!tanx everybody and sorry for my bad english!
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Your best bet is going to be to get TWO single air mattresses.
Reason being is because no matter what size, an air mattress will more than likely only be rated for 300 lbs. Anything over that and you WILL start to have leaks and will more than likely wake up on the hard E floor.

Trust me on this, went through this with just about every mattress maker on the market so far when my girlfriend and I sleep in the back of the E.
We finally fixed this by squeezing two single wides in the back side by side. Never had a problem since.
hum yeah that should be great i think it s gonna be easier that way tanx
Air Mattress for Element

I had the same problem. I bought a twin, it was not wide enough. I bought a full, it was actually too wide. Then I learned from from someone on here about the:

Coleman SUV Quickbed Airbed. I couldn't find it in the stores anywhere. I ordered it online from Wal-Mart. I think it was only $23.

The SUV airbed is 42" wide. And then you have the option of the 62" or 69" length, depending on whether you want the tailgate up or down by inflating or not inflating the pillow section.

I use a Coleman full-size air mattress. It fits great & haven't had any problems at all with it. Slept on it at least a dozen times so far.
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I have a queen sized Coleman that I actually slept on for 5 years (it was so comfortable, why get a bed?)

Never had a problem. I think I topped it off twice in all that time.

But camping out in the back of the E with the girlfriend, we obviously put the brand new full size mattress over that 300 lb limit and woke up laying on the floor of the E with a pretty much flat mattress.

Thought it was just a fluke or bad luck and got another one. Same result.

So we went with the double single setup, never had a problem.

Those engineer people kinda know what they're talking about when they put those max ratings on there. The mattress won't pop like a party balloon, but will spring a leak and you'll be waking up with a sore back.
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