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Recently, I’ve been a Mac user and I really love Mac. But there is a problem that I did not know how to convert the videos on my Mac and to watch them on my mobile players until I met am amazing conversion tool-Pavtube Video Converter for Mac. Before I used it, I tried a lot of converters for Mac such as 4Media Video Converter for Mac, Video Converter for Mac from Wondershare, and so on, they all can work but I should say that I want a really easy to use software with an intuitive interface to let me enjoy the experience on conversion process instead of the boring and difficult operation. Pavtube Video Converter for Mac did it. Now let me introduce how it works on Mac OS X perfectly to stably, fast and easily convert video files through my own experience.

First, the clear and friendly main interface attracts me and it makes me have the confidence to operate it.
By the way, there are also a lot of good conversion tools but their interfaces are overcrowded and a little difficult to understand and even make me lose the interest. Click here you can download this Video Converter for Mac. After that you can see such an intuitive main interface as below:

Is it simple and clear to understand? Yes, the above buttons on the interface can clearly show you what the functions they have.

“Add” means you can import the video files from your PC into this program.
“Editor” refers to you can edit the video to be what you need.
“Convert” means you can start conversion by clicking it.

Second, its powerful editing function is marvelous enough to let you enjoy your own creative experience. To finish conversion, you just need to hit the button “Convert”, but if you want to customize the video just like me to add something or cut off the videos, please continue.

I conclude there are 4 spotlights of the editing function of Pavtube Video Converter for Mac as below:

Crop video to the certain size according to your special needs.
I find there are a lot of black edges in the video which make the screen very small and not comfortable to watch, so thanks to “Trim” function, I can easily cut off those black edges.

Add watermark on the video to meet the requirements such as protecting video, adding comments to movies, and so on.
One of my friends told me he wanted to add his company name and date of creation to his video and I undoubtedly introduced him this software. It is so easy to use just click the “Image watermark” and “Text watermark” tabs on the edit panel.

Split two windows for preview and compare the output video and original one when you edit it.
Two windows, one is for you to edit and the other is the original one for you to compare the differences and effects after editing.

Replace the audio track as you prefer.
I really appreciate it that when I download a movie but it was not in English. To solve that problem, I got the English sound track from another source and used this audio replace function to remove the original one instead of the English sound track with a miracle. Of course, if you want to create your own video, you can add your favorite songs or music into your video with this amazing function.

Third, I greatly satisfy the conversion speed and high output quality. Click the button “Convert”, you can directly and fast complete this conversion task in a very short time. Then open the folder button you can see the converted files are listed in the output folder. You can check them and enjoy them.
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