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Bet your E hasn't ever done this...

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... serve as a grip truck!

i'm producing an independent short this summer and since we're ultra low budget, i'm the producer, p.a., script supervisor, key grip, and grip truck driver and even craft services!
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You know, I'm actually working on a feature length, super 16mm indie film (writer and director) right here in Orange County and ironically, we are looking for someone to do grip/gaffer work. Problem is that it is an unpaid position, and we are looking at weekend shoots for 4 weeks. If interested PLEASE IM me, PM me, or email me! Thanks! With any luck I'll be getting my Element within the next few months...I'm so obsessed I've been lurking these boards until I get my own Shoreline Mist beauty. I've already decided to name it Desert Storm. :)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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