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Hi all, I'm new here as I very recently purchased my 11' AT EX element from my dealer. I'm pretty decent with cars, but, then again, still pretty clueless. Anyway I had a lot of questions from viewing this site:

1. I would like to put on some larger off-roading type tires and was curious on what everyones take is on something good and still decently cheap, don't really care how the rims look.
2. I've seen a lot of pictures of elements without the orange reflector piece in the headlights, was just curious on how that is done.
3. Also want to put in some brighter headlight bulbs, not looking for HID's, just something with a bright white that will fit into stock, preferably something cheap.
4. Any other good mods to give the element that more off-road look.

Other than the tires, I'm trying not to do anything involving drilling or permanently altering the original body.

Thanks for your input and thanks to the creator of this site for giving me a place to ask my questions! Also, sorry if I posted this in the wrong area!

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Welcome ItsMe. I think this a better place for this post. You are asking
too many questions that have nothing to do with tires and suspension.

Try using the search function and see what results you get. There are
TONS of posts in here with the info you are looking for, as well as a TON
of different opinions on tires and rims.

Enjoy your reading.
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