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Bike/Ski/Snowboard Racks

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Anyone install Thule attachments on the factory rack? I am trying to figure out what I should buy and so far it looks like the fat mouth adapter will fit for the snowboard attachment and the Velo Vise 889 for the bikes.

Any input will be very helpful

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I'm going out this week to get my Thule rack for my bikes. I'll let you know how it is or if you have installed yours first let me know how it went

if anyone else has any sucess in mounting yakima or thule attachments please post.


It looks to me like you can mount existing Yakima parts to the Honda rack with the yakima Mighty Mounts. You won't be able to mount the core Yakima rack but your bike rails, ski mounts, Kayak/canoe attachments should work.
I don't own an Element yet, so I would verify this with Yakima.
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