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Biking in the fall colours...

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While trying to position the E for a nice fall pic, I ended up putting her up on three wheels. (Yes, I know we're morons...)

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ah you silly canucks... can't spell or park. :rolleyes:

I have to admit though, those are about the best "fall' pictures I've seen yet this year!

Thanks for the belly chuckle. :)

You guys are funny! You have bikes, and the great outdoors and what do you take pictures of, potential squishage. :rolleyes:

I love-em!
potential squishage. :rolleyes:
Thanks again for yet another belly laugh, I will have to remember that term. Surely I will have a chance to quote you on that one of these days. :wink:
That is AWESOME! Looks like you had a really fun day. :)
good times from our crazy northrn "E" bro's:twisted: great pics and yes beautiful colors:cool:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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