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[quote:7fc8284a8b="T Mac"]I'm looking into allowing you to upload images to our server, but keep in mind gang that storage and bandwidth take lots of money, especially as a site gets larger. I'm doing what I can and if we can swing it, we'll be offering that as a feature down the road. Until then, sorry for any inconvenience. If you want to link to one image, email me and we can work something out.


Hey T-mac,

I got a solution to that problem. Many times the people who have pictures don't know how to post them and they ask someone else to do it. Maybe someone (a mod or the like) can set up an account at one of the free sites always mentioned and we can email it to a central account to have it put up at the site at their covenience. That way, we will all know the site name and can go there to get the pic and put them in our messages with the img tags or link to them using the URL tags.

It is a bigger job for those of you who know how to do it, but there already are some people doing that for others. You can always do it at your convenience also. I don't know the logistics of putting up pics on one of those sites and the download/upload times or anything, just an idea that could be a solution to the bandwith/server space problem.
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