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While my Element was in the workshop for a starter replacement I decided to address my rocking driver's seat. Through researching this issue I found that there are two common approaches to eliminating the seat rock: Buy four or six OEM bushings at a price of ~$5 each or use additional backing washers to allow the nut to basically pinch everything in place. I was appalled by the price of the OEM bushings and didn't want to lose seat height adjustment functionality so I pondered for a little while. I then thought of a 1/2" grommet kit which I picked up from Harbor Freight a while back; as it turns out the "taller" part of the grommet has an inner diameter which matches (just a hair smaller) the inner diameter of the OEM bushing and the outer diameter, while larger than OEM, doesn't interfere with anything.

What I did to install the grommets as bushing in the seat link brackets are as follows:
  1. Set one grommet into the seat link bracket, positioning the bracket hole containing the grommet over a spacer of some sort (I used a nut)
  2. Flatten the backing ring of the grommet with a hammer
  3. Flip the bracket over, again positioning the bracket hole containing the grommet over the spacer
  4. Use the grommet setting tool to start folding the grommet sleeve over the face of the bracket
  5. Use the peen side of a machinist's hammer to flatten the folded sleeve against the face of the bracket
  6. Install the remaining grommet and repeat steps two through five
The seat link brackets will be a minuscule amount more difficult to install due to the very slightly smaller inner diameter of the new "bushings". I added lock washers between the nuts and outer washers when reinstalling the brackets. Now the seat is rock solid for less than $5 and I still have plenty of grommets left.


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