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Brakes last forever!

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Not a problem or an issue, but couldn't find a "general" section in the forum.

Any-who, the brakes on my E are lasting forever! Its a 2004 at 92,000 miles and I am just about to have my first brake job. Its an M/T so I'd guess that helps the brake pad life.

Anyone else have theirs last this long? Any good brake upgrades for when I do get them done?
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Considerable discussion here includes both short and long brake life. Mine (MT also) lasted 93K rear, 99K front.
At 47,000, I just had to completely rebuild the rear brakes. The rotors were literally crumbling from rust and the rusty rotors ate the pads. Fronts are still 75 percent.
why replace so early?


i'm at 55k w/ 75~80% left front and rear.
25k had to replace all 4 corners. Honda forgot to greese the guide pins I guess and it froze my calipers shut for about 2k miles, my back left rotor and pads were gone, plus I live in a Salt using state for winter, doesn't help. I went with x-drilled/slotted/ZINC coated PowerStop rotors and PowerStop ceramic hp pads for $191 shipped to my door. I greesed the hell out of my pins and now my gas mileage went up because of less drag, a little less rotating weight and the look do much better and have a 3 year no rust warranty which is great for me.
Changed mine at 92,000 miles.
Just the front brakes and rotors.
I do lots of towing.
Plus - I can still go stunt jumping with the "E", 4X, and fun stuff.
NO FEAR here.
90,000 miles on an '05 MT and brake pads still look good, front and rear.

Lots of highway miles and conscientious downshifting in the mountains may have something to do with it.
55k or so on an '05, and I'm getting some wear indicator squeaks (but no pulsing/vibration), so I'm due for some new pads.
I'm not sure if mine were ever replaced by previous owner (purchased at 36k miles), but I need them replaced (currently at 52k).

I'm looking into ceramic pads.
I've got 103K on the original brakes on our EX AWD There's still lining left too.

Now to be fair, there are lots of highway miles and it's a MT. I'm probably going to change them soon and will likely replace the rotors as well, but there's no indication I really have to....
73000 here and live in a hilly area and still have over 60% on both ends.:)
I had to replace the brakes on my '06 E at around 60k but that was mostly where I used to run a newspaper route part time. Great gig but as gas prices went up they did not compensate for your expenses.
Lifetime Supply of Pads

Glad to hear most folks are getting such good service out of their brake pads. I have a set of new front pads that I bought for my former daily driver (1987 Nissan pickup) but never used. On a whim, I took a look at the Element front pads, they look identical to the Nissan pads (must be the same vendor)! A friend of mine at work also has a set of new Nissan pads he never used, so if I buy his I'll have a lifetime supply of front pads!:D
Update here: just hit 116,000 on my '04 MT and will replace the fronts next week. Rears still have 30% left!!!!!

Longest any brakes have ever lasted for me on any car, ever!!!!
Just replaced front and rear on my 08 with 70k on them. Then I had the brake recall done so they would bleed them for me. :)
I have 94K on my 06 original brakes. I had them checked recently when i got new tires. Maybe I could make to 100K but I don't think I'll push it.
Left mine at the shop tonight so they can check the brakes tomorrow.
They've have always been excellent but now they are starting to pulse a little. I'm at 66k so probably need new front pads. Wish my E's brakes would last forever!
I can't explain it either! My 2003 went to 115k front and the rears to 145! Unbelievable but true! 160k original owner and the thing runs like a top!
I did a search and found this older thread about brake pad life. Looks like you guys are getting some long life out of them I was getting the oil changed last week, and the guy at the oil change place, who was not trying to sell me brakes, told me that my brake fluid level was down which was an indication at that my front brake pads needed to be replaced. The brake pads are original with 61,000 miles on them. They are not making any noise and still stop with no problem. They stopped very well last week when a deer ran out in the road and I barely missed hitting the it. My question is should I just add brake fluid, or is that really an indication that the front pads need replaced? So far them only repair costs to my 2007 Element has been a rear wiper blade and a new drivers side headlight today that I picked up at Autozone. You gotta like Hondas reliability and low maintenance costs.

Considerable discussion here includes both short and long brake life. Mine (MT also) lasted 93K rear, 99K front.
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