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Bungees: Aftermarket, where, and how long

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Just looking to add some bungee cords and don't want to have to pay Honda prices. Any ideas where to find them and how long should they be. What's the longest anyone has found? If you have some let me know where you got them. Thanks. Later
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[quote:8687cc4a96="ERider"]I bought a roll of 3/16 orange bungie and have lots left if your interested let me know.[/quote:8687cc4a96]

You can generally find black bungee by the length (yard/metre) at outdoor stores like Mountain Equipment Co-Op and Trailhead in Canada. It is about $.70 a metre plus $.30 for plastic clips. I found the correct size (thickness) of bungee at Trailhead with the correct plastic at MEC. I measured a Honda bungee at 11 feet (which was way too long) before returning it to the dealer.
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