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No auto auction experience but I'll make a couple of observations from looking at the description and pics:
1) No rear seats at all...
2) Description says 5 speed manual. Pics and VIN indicate automatic trans.
3) Body in general looks good. The dents and scratches aren't detectable in the pics. I'd look carefully for signs of water/flood damage.
4) if it's 4 years old it's gotten an average of 22,000 miles on the clock per year. That's several thou. above "normal" average. With those numbers, service/maintenance records get to be an issue (for me) and they may be hard to come by if CarFax/Autocheck doesn't have them.
5) Before buying, have it thoroughly inspected by a dealer service dept. or other reliable Honda mechanic/technician even if it costs $100 or $200 if they'll give a thorough written report.
6) Tires don't look too good in the pics.
7) Good luck and welcome to the forum!
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