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Don't get me started on the newly enforced DOT regulations....:rolleyes:

I'm not sure about my own stuff, let alone rental trucks (with DOT #s) up to 26,000lbs GVWR. :x

If you want to play it safe....The 10,000k lb GVWR is for any vehicle traveling interstate for comercial purposes (and certain multi passanger vehicles/busses). The 10k lbs or higher refers to the highest amount the truck or truck and trailier combo is registered/rated to carry. I gotta stop when ever i've got a trailer on 'cause my dually is registered at 9000lbs.....unless the trailer only weighs something like 300lbs and is only capable of hauling 700lbs (dinky, tiny thing huh?) i'm over the 10,000gvwr. (Realistically, the truck alone would require me to stop if I had it registered differently.)

I don't see how you'd end up with a E and trailer anywhere close to the 10,000gvwr.

Have a good trip!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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