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Caliper, Rotor and Brakes: OEM vs Aftermarket

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Hey guys, long time lurker and first time poster here. Just joined the Element family a few months ago and it looks like I have to replace my rusty front calipers, warped rotors, and get new brakes at the same time. I've tried searching around and looks like oem is pretty expensive. I saw a couple threads here and some youtube about using Acura TSX or RSX Brake kits as they are upgrades and plug right in, but didn't see any actual model numbers or links to the items so not too sure about buying those. Also looked at these:

Are they any good? Much appreciate it if someone can give me some guidance on what to get. Just looking for good quality parts for not over $250 for the front side
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Regarding brake maintenance, you don't need to do both front and rear at the same time.
My rears are fine, so I only performed the TSX upgrade on the front.

If your comfortable doing rotor/caliper maintenance, you can totally perform the TSX upgrade yourself.

When you say rear, your talkin stock honda brakes...right?
Not aware of an OEM upgrade for Rear Element brakes.
Yea, my rear brakes are currently stock.

My fronts are currently fine but my rears need replacing, pads and rotors.

I ask about the difficulty of the modification because I would not be doing it myself.

Just ordered Power Stop calipers online...everything else I'm picking up locally.
Looking forward to improving the brakes on the E.
Is this the element upgrade kit or the TSX upgrade kit?

im just wondering if it’s just tax brakes or they use tax parts in the “element” upgrade kit? Do you have a part number or link for the kit?

im another who drives up and down a 3000ft mountain several times a day and have cooked two sets of brakes.
Your upgrading the brakes on the front of your E, with Acura OEM TSX brakes.
These aren't custom/aftermarket parts, they are OEM parts for a 2010 Acura 3.5L (v6) TSX.

Since they are OEM, you have tons of options from where to purchase them...

2010 Acura TSX (v6) Parts:
Front brake calipers
Front brake rotors
Front brake pads

Honda Element Parts:
Front flexible brake lines
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Do the stock steel wheels clear TSX calipers?
Do the stock steel wheels clear TSX calipers?
Yes, original 16" alloys clear without any issues.
Only modification that's needed, is to slightly bend the original front brake dust shields (to clear larger caliper).
Thanks but I am asking specifically about steelies, not alloys. I suppose they would have to, or it would be good to find out, as it would also be good to know if the spare tire fits over them!
He is saying that the wheels clear the calipers, but the dust shields require some "modification" by bending them.
Sorry HAL,
Didn't catch the Steel reference.
Your comment regarding the spare tire Is something I need to verify.

Will perform a test fit, and report back.
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Uh oh, looking at the spare it may not fit.
Post up what your results are.
I've been using Bosch 26010747 coated rotors and know that their rain grooves drag on the OEM dust shields. The dragging rubs off the coating on one side of the groove. I use a dremel to grind away some materiel from that area. If you don't have coated rotors, you could spray a light mist of primer in the groove, clean off the over spray with brake cleaner, mount the caliper and drive around enough to induce the sound.

I prefer the coated rotors because they don't rust in the hidden non-working mounting contact areas. Since I cleaned the hub of all rust and scale, applied antiseize to the hub, and used new retention screws once, 5 years ago, the rotors come off easily with just a JIS-3 screwdriver. That's a work saver. Those *&%#$!! rear brakes need careful inspection and complete cleaning every spring in Chicago.

I had been using Wagner Thermoquiet pads, but because Wagner has abandoned the molded shims (without updating their web specs or box labeling for the pad models we need) , I'm switching over to Bosch pads as the Wagner need replacing.
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Uh oh, looking at the spare it may not fit.
Post up what your results are.
Here's the first thought out of my head...
We're all talking about upgrading front brakes only, right?
On the very slim chance that this upgrade doesn't fit our original spare on the front...

Put the spare on the rear??

It's probably better on the drivetrain to do that anyway, no matter the model... Just my two cents...

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Came to the same conclusion.
I also would feel more confortable having the tiny spare on the rear.
Good idea!

Now if I only knew that the brakes fit under the OEM steelies!
I recently did the TSX upgrade on my 2007 Element AWD EX. Purchased the Power Stop kit from RockAuto for a 2007 TSX. The only modification was a slight trimming of the dust shields at the top and bottom corners to clear the calipers.They cleared the stock alloy wheels just fine, really happy with how they feel.
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Came to the same conclusion.
I also would feel more comfortable having the tiny spare on the rear.
Space saver spares are car crutches - only suitable for limping at reduced speed to the nearest tire shop. They have a contact area half that of the OEM tires and are inadequate for driving on anything but dry roads. You aren't supposed to feel comfortable driving on them, just relieved that you can drive away from where the standard tire failed.
Here are some more pics
Congrats on the upgrade 🍺
As I stated before, our Es should have come with these larger front least the EX models :p
Excellent pics!

I'm still pondering how to figure out whether they will fit under the LX steel wheels. But I suppose the steelies should have at least as much space as the alloys. Gonna just spend the couple hundred bucks to find out soon I think. My front brakes are in terrible shape.
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