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HELP! Calling all E's!!Mohnton PA to Knoxville, TN

Calling any and all E's!! We are in desperate need of volunteers to help get these pups from Mohnton PA to Knoxville, TN where Mike and I can pick them up....we're in a time crunch though..trying to get this done on in like the day after tomorrow....anybody up for a road trip or two...or three!:D Wouldn't it be awesome to get everyone in E's for this and pics to go with entire transport done by E's!

Liz D


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Transport help for pups needed.....Any east coast E's?

Ok Basically we're going straight down I-81....This is the route we're looking at.....I'm working on breaking it down into "legs" of 1hr stretches or if someone could do more then an hour that would be awesome too..but we're gonna try for this saturday.

Thanks Liz

Distance: 596.38959.7 mi Time: 9 hrs 29 mins

Starting in MOHNTON, PA on W WYOMISSING AVE go toward WOODLAND AVE - go 0.30.5 mikm


Bear Left on WYOMISSING RD - go 1.01.5 mikm

Turn Right on VERMONT RD - go 1.11.8 mikm

Continue on MOHNS HILL RD - go 0.30.4 mikm

Turn Left to take ramp onto US-222 S toward LANCASTER - go 5.48.7 mikm

Take the PA TURNPIKE (I-76)/DENVER (PA-272) exit - go 0.40.6 mikm

Turn Left on COL. HOWARD BLVD - go 0.30.5 mikm

Continue on READING INTERCHANGE (Toll applies) - go 0.50.8 mikm

Take Left ramp onto I-76 W toward HARRISBURG/EXITS 20-1 (Toll applies) - go 60.697.5 mikm

Take exit #226/CARLISLE (I-81)/CHAMBERSBURG onto HARRISBURG PIKE(US-11) toward HARRISBURG (I-81) (Toll applies) - go 1.82.9 mikm

Take ramp onto I-81 S toward CHAMBERSBURG - go 490.0788.6 mikm

Take exit #1B/KNOXVILLE onto I-40 W - go 32.352.0 mikm

Take exit #389/BROADWAY/HALL OF FAME DR - go 0.40.6 mikm

Turn Left on HALL OF FAME DR NE - go 1.01.7 mikm

Turn Right on SUMMIT HILL DR SE - go 0.61.0 mikm

Make a Sharp Left Turn on HENLEY ST SW(US-441 S) - go 0.40.6 mikm

Arrive at the center of 37902
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