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Hey folks. 111k miles, awd ex tango Red Pearl Element. I've had her for two years (just now realizing she's a she), got her with about 96k miles. I don't know much of her history, although my recollection of a carfax at the dealer was regular service, two previous owners and she came from Georgia. I'm in Northern California.
I did a valve clearance check and adjustment the other day, it was my first and I learned a lot and feel pretty good about the clearances I got. Triple checked. But after I closed things up I looked at some photos of the work (with some help from the owners club Fbook group) and there is some kind of blackness/corrosion on a number of the intake cams. I'll try to post some photos.
The stuff didn't look pitted, luckily. I am hoping it is surface only...
1. What is it?
2. How/why did this happen?
3. Can I clean it off without removing the camshaft?

I plan on opening it up again to quadruple check my clearances and take a closer look at the cams, hopefully this weekend.

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