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I have put over 3000 miles on my Ex 4wd since I picked it up in late February this year and I have had only one problem with it...the front 12v power outlet was too tight inside and I got my cell phone charger stuck in it. The dealer replaced it and I have not had any other problems.

My Ex runs great, has plenty of power, all the windows and doors seal very good and the Real-Time 4WD works flawlessly. I've driven it on icy roads, rain slick roads, and beach never falters and always feels very stable.

If you are worried about buying one, buy something else or wait for next year's model if you are worried about the first run vehicles. But I bet that if you look at any of the other Internet forums on other brands, you will find similar complaints, regardless of the brand. Modern vehicles are mass produced and there will alway be a small percentage of vehicles that have problems of some sort.

Honda has alway produced a very fine vehicle and has a very high customer satisfaction and return buyer ratio. But it's your money and your decision.

Good luck with your decision making.
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