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Can you help me understand pricing?

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I'm hoping to buy an Element this week, but I'm finding all sorts of price differences. It seems like most everyone is within a few hundred dollars in relation to price off MSRP, but what kind of deals are you finding on the extra charges? It seems that some charge destination and processing fees, while others don't. Some even throw in accessories to sweeten the deal. The best deal in my town isn't offering anything off MSRP but is knocking off destination but still charging a $300 processing fee. That doesn't seem that great to me, so can you give me some ideas on what kind of deals you gotten beyond the MSRP price? Getting a bunch off MSRP doesn't mean much if I'm going to be hit with all of extra prices. Thanks for the help!!!
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I can't agree more. Most of the dealers are starting to work deals, but it also depends on the model and color. Some colors are harder to get then others. The Orange seems to be a hot color, and from what people are saying the lowest production from Honda.

The dealers are going to charge more if they have to order it, than it they have one sitting on their lot. They are more likely to cut a deal the longer it has been there. Most places here in NY are asking list, and planning on making a few dollars on the add ons. While it has been a month plus since I we got our E, the prices here are staying firm. There are 2 dealerships close by us. One is still charging list + the other is at list.

Take your time, and find the right one for you. The dealer is making money no matter what price they are willing to sell it to you for, so don't worry about them not making money. :lol:
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