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Can you help me understand pricing?

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I'm hoping to buy an Element this week, but I'm finding all sorts of price differences. It seems like most everyone is within a few hundred dollars in relation to price off MSRP, but what kind of deals are you finding on the extra charges? It seems that some charge destination and processing fees, while others don't. Some even throw in accessories to sweeten the deal. The best deal in my town isn't offering anything off MSRP but is knocking off destination but still charging a $300 processing fee. That doesn't seem that great to me, so can you give me some ideas on what kind of deals you gotten beyond the MSRP price? Getting a bunch off MSRP doesn't mean much if I'm going to be hit with all of extra prices. Thanks for the help!!!
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Our family has always gone with fleet sales when buying cars, and we've NEVER payed more than $600 over dealer cost. No dealer mark ups, no proccessing fee's, just $600 more than the Kelly bluebook dealer cost. We've usually ended up saving around $3000-$5000 and all accessories are priced at cost usually with no installation fee.

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