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Ok, there is certainly many ways to interpret "ordering" a vehicle through Honda, so I'll do my best to explain:

1)Each month we receive an allocation. I won't get into how we are allocated each unit, but let's say for example we are allocated 10 Elements on that order. At certain times, there are restrictions on certain units (the 5spd 4WD EX's for awhile and then the Side Airbag E's). So, of the 10 units we are allocated sometimes there are no restrictions. We can choose all 10 of them to be 5 spd 4WD models if we like (this is rarely the case though). Then we choose the color (again if there are not any restrictions for that color). The order is processed and then we wait to make sure everything was accepted by Honda and the vehicle then gets a "build date".

2)Shortly after the build date we are given a vehicle identification number (VIN). Then when get a ship date and an approximate delivery date.

So, you have to wait for our allcation, hope that we get it and there are no restrictions, wait for a build date and wait for delivery. It's not quite like ordering a Ford, when you can say I want this car and poof in 6-8 weeks it's yours. A little more compicated, but it can be done. Some dealers don't give this enough attention, because it isn't really "today" business and they don't think that far down the line. This is when they try to convince you to purchase something a little (maybe a lot) different from your ideal car. Most people are a little flexible. If you aren't flexible and don't want to wait to get the exact vehicle you want, then the dealer might have to try and locate this vehicle from another dealer. This is no easy task when trading for an Element, because the E's are selling well at every dealership. Certain models are hotter than others and even more difficult to trade for.

Anyway, sorry for the long explanation, but I hope this helps some.
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