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canadian E!

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hey everyone
to begin with i'm from quebec so please give my english a chance lol!
im glade to be a new member of honda's family since september 08!and now in the element owners club!My element is an 2005 and im not event sur if its an ex or what first i tough it was a y package but i think its the ex....armrest,Center Console ,aux in + 7 speakers,electric group anyway.My e is pretty stock and i love it that way and didn t really want to put money on it also cause i put money on a 96 sentra that i crashed but im a car lover aND i ll have a little extra money in a month, so im looking foward to some nice 19'' wheels , Eibach suspension , 07 element black headlight, projector fog light , mud guard, k&n intake and exhaust(should be an injen one). nOW I HAVE SOME QUESTION PLEASE HELP! may be i should post this in another forum but first i have to find SOMEBODY NEAR MONTREAL , QC to get a good secur place to buy and install the suspension and the exhaust,than i wanna know: *How does the eibach suspension feels? cause my sentra was drop like one or 2 inches and (i know itwas cheap springs but... ) my back could n take anymore of it at the every hole or crack was horrible (if you live in quebec you know how great are our streets! ) i really wanna have a lower and sportier look but i want quality!
*Does the kit contain everything i need or i have to buy couple other piece with it?
*How much does it cost? (canadian $ WOULD BE GREAT)

anyway if anyone wanna talk and help me it would be cool! i trust more owners here than poeple that sell parts cause they can say whatever they want to sell a specifique product!

tanx everyone!
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Welcome to the forum theblackbox and congrats on your E. I know all about the streets & roads in Quebec. I've lived in Montreal for five years and travel to Quebec city twice a year to visit the in-laws.
Sorry I have no prior experience with lowering kits, but I'm pretty sure someone with more knowledge will chime in. Just wanted to say hi...:lol:

P.s. please post some pics before they all gang up on you..:D
tanx i forgot to post some but it was in my toughts !
euhm...i only could post one for the moment cause i have some problem with the other pictures at the moment...i ll post more later!


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couple more ...i should take some better one!...if somebody get back to me with some answer i ll be able to make the mod and take more pics!


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Welcome, but that can't be Canada, there is no snow on the ground...........
hahaha! we only have like 5 month with out snow and if we're lucky 2 or 3 month of great sunny hot days! lol
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