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Thanks in advance for reading!

I've got a 2006 Element with a Karr car alarm installed by the dealer when I bought it.

Today, i went to drive the car, but the keyless entry buttons didn't work. I opened the car with the key and tried to start the engine, but nothing happens. Nothing turns on. I thought the battery was out, so I tried jumping the car, but again nothing happens.

Last night was the 4th of July and the car alarm kept going off due to fireworks. It would turn off just fine when I used the keyless entry remote. Is it possible that the alarm went off too many times and it disabled the car? If so, how do I re-enable the car?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!


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Were you able to solve this one yet? If not, what model is the Karr alarm?
Is the LED on the remote lighting up when using the remote? Battery still good?
I had the 2040A model on mine & the arm/disarm button wore out. I replaced it with the button for the trunk option (from the remote), which required a steady hand with the soldering iron.
On a side note, if you have the 2040A and you're thinking of replacing the remote(s), send a pm to me. I bought two new remotes for the price of one remote (included batteries & a new "brain" also) but never used them...I traded my E soon afterwards.
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