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Mr. UPS just dropped off these three accessories, freshly shipped from Just thought I'd share my thoughts on them:

Cargo Net:
Straightforwards, no mysteries. Like any other cargo net on the planet, basically. The only nice part is that you can clip it either vertically using the rear tiedowns and the flip-out ones above it, or flat along the entire rear floor using the same layout as the sunroof bag (the four metal tiedowns near the floor). I bought this because I haul my photography gear around in the E, and it's all in big Pelican cases which like to slide around and wham into the walls as I drive. Now I put them in and snap the cargo net over them horizontally. All good! However, no need to get the honda specific one. You could do this with about any similarly sized net.

Cargo Cover:
Snaps in place in about 5 seconds. I wish it was wider -- as in the base bar of it was closer to the back seats. I think they must have made it like this so the rear seats could still lean back a little even when it's in use. It looks good, however, and does the job. I can now leave a thing or two in the back without as much worry. Between the cover and the tinting the 'casual browser' style of thief can't see a darn thing back there. Sure, it's security-by-obscurity, but sometimes that really helps. As there's no real aftermarket replacement for this, I highly recommend it. Looks swank.

Trunk organizer:
It's pretty much just a nylon bin with separator panels and latches to hook to the same rear metal tiedowns as the cargo net does. Simple, easy, works. If you ever have to haul just a few bags of groceries and a loose jug of milk from the store, you'll appreciate this accessory. No more having to store stuff in the footwell of the passenger seat 'cause they fly around in back... they all stay in place now! But, as has been mentioned elsewhere on this board, there are aftermarket ones at WalMart and similar that do the same job for less. No need for the Honda one if you want to save money. This one is well built, however, and with the little Honda logo and proper colors it matches the car well.

And yes, you can use the cargo net (in vertical orientation) and the trunk organizer at the same time. No real advantage to doing so, but it works. :)
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