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Reading and such it seems to be labled a "scam" for this undercoating that is quite a few hundred dollars. I really want to know from a dealer point of view the full extent of this and if it really is good for noise reduction, etc. as stated by the dealers. I live in the Midwest and have nasty winters. Yes, Iowa still uses a salt/sand mixture.

Our '95 accord did not have this and no rust problems. Our Toyota Tundra did not get this on as well and no rust (Toyota is only 3 yrs. old).

I don't want to be swayed by option, but by knowledge and experience. Won't car washing and spraying the gunk off the bottom from time-to-time be just as useful in keeping it healthy???

Insight please from those "know" or someone that has the experience with this. Since we are of course one big E Family, I have a sense of trust amongst us all.
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