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A little new here - hoping this is the right forum for this:

As reported in this thread ( I had my catalytic converter stolen of my 2006 EX-P Element in Chicago. Just thought I would do a quick write up on the parts I used as researching what parts to buy is what initially brought me to this forum. Anyway,

When the thief sawed off the catalytic convertor they did a number on the piping around the converter well ahead and behind the converter itself, so I ended up needing a whole new muffler and rear oxygen sensor as well. :x Dealer quote was around $1800, so I decided to do the work myself.

Here's the replacement converter I used:

Here's the replacement muffler I used (part 56124)

For the rear O2 sensor I did some research and decided the best bet was to just buy the Honda OEM part. :002: (Part #36532-PZD-A01)

I also purchased a standard CatClamp as I wanted to lessen the chances of dealing with this again.

Finally I had to purchase a number of gaskets and bolts to mate the new converter and exhaust pipe to the existing parts. I used this diagram here:

Anyway, the installation wasn't too difficult, took off the old muffler and converter, replaced them with the new ones and then installed the cat clamp. The process was straightforward and I didn't use a repair manual. Started it up and the car was quiet again and no check engine light. Haven't had it emissions tested since the repair but I hope it will be OK. All said it done by doing it myself it cost around $500 - $600 and I saved at least a $1000 off the dealer quote and about $500 off my local mechanic.

Attached is a photo of the cat clamp installed. I think I got it on there right - I feel like a very determined thief could still get around the thing, but I haven't had any problems yet.

Hope this is at least some help to anyone else who comes searching. Comments/advice are welcome.


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