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Broad daylight in busy parking lot my Catalytic Converter cut out last Friday. Police dispatcher said for 3rd call for her just today (Fort Worth). USAA adjuster said he is handling 20 to 30 a week. 200 to 300 in last two months. I didn't know my E was on the target list otherwise I would have taken better care with case.
Honda dealership here currently has 3 E in shop waiting for cc has CC are backordered with NO release dates. There lot was hit as well. It is a Pandemic! Call your city council members to enact laws to prevent the selling if cc to recyclers within your community.
My estimate was $5600 because the shop doesn't weld and wants to replace whole exhaust system. Deal breaker as that is the value of auto. USAA says repairs should be $1200 to $1800.
We are going to run pipe to fill gap until we figure out what to do. Could be months for Honda CC in stock if I go that way. Spread the word to shut these AO down.
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