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CD Changer....your 2 cents needed!

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Okay....I am totally crazy stupid dumb when it comes to car I need some help here.

First off I will pay someone to install this, I know I am not capable of this install and will not screw up my this is what I need to know....

What CD changer should I buy? Is the Honda one worth it, or is there a better one on the market for the $$$ (I am sure there is!) If I buy a non-Honda CD changer will it still work with my existing system (EX)???

Any help would be appreciated on this subject.

Also, Circuit City has three CD Changers (Sony 10 CD Changer model #SON CDX454RF, Alpine 6 CD Changer model#APN CHAS634, and Qwestar 10 CD Changer model#QWS QC180) are any of these decent at all??? Does anyone have either of there CD Changers? The only reason I ask is that I can get anything at Circuit City at if possible I would like to purchase my stereo system up-grades there. (I purchased my Viper keyless entry and alarm for $150, which included installation! Talk about super fab deal!)

Many thanks in advance for help with my CD changer dilema....I am hoping that through others I will obtain a bit of stereo wisdom!
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have you considered an mp3 jukebox (archos or ipod). i was thinking about a cd changer and decided that really an mp3 jukebox suited my needs better, and it holds all of my cds. just a thought...
I'd go with either the Alpine or the Sony - never heard of Qwestar (and that's not a good sign) :D if all things are equal - like price - then go with the Sony since you get a larger disk capacity.

Both Sony and Alpine have good reps for CD changers. :D
Thanks Emass.....I went ahead and got the Sony 10 Disc....$150 with install, then I added a warrenty for $38/4 years....if anything goes wrong they replace it for free!

I am so freakin' if my husband would just get home with my Baby E so I can play! I have been without my E all day long so that it could have the CD Changer, Remote Keyless Entry w/Alarm, and Side Steps installed!

mborkow-I already have an MP3 player....but thanks for the suggestion! I probably need an upgrade, but I don't like the fact that there isn't a place to "mount" it.
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