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I thought for sure that the new 2008 model would use the space between the seats more efficiently. I was wrong! A few years back I bought a third party console for my 2004 EX that slips in perfectly between the front seats (remove armrests). The cups still can be accessed and I keep all sorts of junk in the padded solid flip-top box. Here is what Honda designers are missing:

Not sure who makes this, but I Googled around and a company in California makes it.

Also: I added rubber fitted pads to all dashboard trays (another Google find). The first time you have stuff in the trays and take a turn, what do you hear? Sliding crap. Hit a bump? Rattling crap. Why? Beats me. So for a few bucks I got a set of pre-cut black rubber pads and you just drop em in and you're done. No rattle. No sliding. Honda: Try it sometime!
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