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Don't confuse "hub centric rings" with "hub centric spacers"

Hub centric spacers are metal spacers much like a larger washer. Some of them are bolt on and some of them just slide over your studs. They are used to space wheels out further away from your vehicle's hub. These spacers have the same hub size as your vehicle and therefore can be called "hub centric". They slide over your studs and get, more or less, sandwiched between your wheels and your hub.

Wheel spacers are what you want to stay away from. Wheel spacers , hub centric or not, increase your chances of vibration and increase your risk of stud failure.

Discount Tire does not recommend the use of wheel spacers, hub centric or not, bolt on or not. Discount Tire will not work on any vehicle with any type of wheel spacer.

first, thanks for emphasizing the difference between rings and spacers.
certainly Discount Tire is entitled to any opinion it may want to hold, but a blanket castigation of all spacers, w/o any supporting data, doesn't seem warranted. admittedly, many opinions in this forum have even less supporting data.
maybe even the following <grin>:
i would contend that spacers are made that don't increase stress on the studs, don't require longer studs, don't increase vibration and still successfully increase a vehicle's track. i have seen such spacers. they use the stock studs w/ the stock lugnuts. they have new studs pressed into the spacer to support the wheel. they have a precision made ring that fits tightly around the original hub lip and then reduces to fit tightly inside the wheel. such spacers are not cheap, they are made of quality materials and machined, not cast. such quality spacers are still less expensive than purchasing wheels w/ more aggressive offset.

and that's the rub, as i can't help but think that Discount Tire's opinion is at least partially motivated by the possibility of selling more wheels.

in the interest of full disclosure i will state that i have no interest in any concern that would somehow provide financial benefit to me or anyone i know, if more wheel spacers are used. furthermore, i have purchased tires from Discount Tire and have been very satisfied w/ the materials/service i received and am likely to purchase from them in the future. i just don't agree w/ their blanket castigation of all wheel spacers.
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