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Its time to change out the brake pads and rotors on my E for the first time. but i did flush brake fluids about 2 months ago.
its got 59200 miles on it and i bought it back in 2003

i got the parts from my local auto parts store for like $110 (2 rotors with 2 years warranty and 4 pads limited lift time warranty)

took me about 45 mins on each side...straight forward job.u wont mess it up.
but u will need impact driver to break loose the bolts that hold on the rotors.

i cant believe the oem brake pads were worn almost to nothing compares to the brand new pads.

the first picture is the impact driver,u strike it with a hammer.i have learnt the lesson a few years back when i forced to break them loose by a regular screw driver on my old civic...
i have had this impact driver for a few years now and it works with sockets too...very handy and only costs me like $25 from home depot

i painted brake calipers red a couple years ago...

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