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Check engine light

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Hello all.....I was driving yesterday and the light came on. How can I diagnose it myself?
Ps, do I need a code reader?
Thx in advance,
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Replaced "rear: O2 sensor.

I too got the P0141 error code. Purchased a new O2 sensor from AutoZone: Bosch, PN 13371, cost $108.99. Here are some pics from the install.
1.) Disconnected the battery. It was time for a new battery anyway. I took out the battery first. This also cleared the fault from the computer's memory.
2.) Removed the O2 sensor connector.
3.) Used O2 sensor socket to remove the old sensor. I bought the O2 sensor socket from AutoZone as well. It was 9.99. It worked well for the original O2 sensor, but for some reason the Bosch replacement sensor is longer than the original part. I ended up having to remove the shield from the catalytic converter to tighten the new sensor with a 7/8 inch box wrench. Not a big deal, but added 15 minutes to the overall replacement. If you get an O2 sensor socket, make sure it is deep enough to handle the O2 sensor you are installing. I ended up returning the socket to AutoZone for a refund. AutoZone also has a lend a tool program where you can get the O2 socket for free with a refundable deposit. I would have done this but they were out of the loaner sockets.
4.) Screwed in new sensor, reconnected harness, replaced battery. Check engine light is gone.

In all, the replacement took about 30 minutes. It is my understanding that depending which O2 sensor goes out, you will get a different error code. The front and rear 02 sensors are different parts, so make sure you identify which one is faulty based on the error code, and get the right sensor. Hope this helps.


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Before recommending the Bosch aftermarket O2 sensor, please search for "Bosch" on this site. Several folks with long-time car repair experience have noticed that the universal replacement has a much shorter service life than the Honda OEM part.

Just sayin'. :|
I did see that. I wonder if they were referring to all Bosch O2 sensors, or just the "universal replacement" one. I got the plug and play sensor because I did not want to have to do any splicing. The Bosch comes with a 1-year 12,000 mile warranty. I guess we'll see.
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