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I have had that happen before. I now tighten as tight as I can get. Dont pay attention to the clicks, just tighten it. I grab the cap on the side and give it a good turn.


I know this has been addressed many times before, because I just finished reading those that came up in search, but my 'CHECK FUEL CAP' message doesn't want to go away despite trying everything mentioned in these forums!

What could be causing this? I have an '05 manual trans with 65,000 miles, and I've been using the HandA fuel cap since '06 with no issues, and I've drive cycled both OEM and HandA fuel caps to no avail. I've 4-clicked religiously after fill-ups, seals on caps are perfect, as is the inlet to the fuel tank.

I'm about to make a 1700 mile trip this weekend, and I'm hoping this isn't going to be a reliability issue as I travel.

Any help is appreciated!

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