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Chicago ELEMENT Purchase Experience

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So, I got some quotes here and there. About 2 months ago they were about $500 under MSPR and recently about 300 to 800 over invoice. Then I called Muller (Highland Park) Honda.

I sent them e-mail on Thursday, got a call back in one hour, requested and received an offer of invoice, received e-mail confirmation of out-the-door cost, received another call two hours later saying they found my car at a nearby dealer, got the VIN Friday morning to check it agains the TSBs (21,800 something - OK, showed up Friday night and test drove/checked it out, wrote the check for an ELEMENT with 17 miles on it. Very fast and efficient. A great experience. I worked with Nick Keschler (sp?) who was very upbeat and professional.

Thanks to this forum for the great info
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That's Great :D

I was wondering if you checked out Jacob's Honda.... they were selling the 2wd EX for 17,995......436 under invoice with 1.9% APR
You could be right with demand low and inventories high. My thoughts are, their are 4 dealerships in Chicago and about 14 in the Chicagoland area fighting for you business. I personally went with Grand Honda because i was treated right and did not go with the "other" dealerships. We are blessed that Chicago is such a large market which we can wheel and deal with ease. My friend who lives in VT got only $300 OFF because their is only 1 dealership within a 2 hour drive with a take it or leave it attitude :?
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