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Civic Wheels on my Element

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Civic Wheels and 235/65 16" tires on my Element

I have been looking for an inexpensive way to update our base element. I couldn't live with the hubcaps and steelies. I found these 16" wheels on Craigslist and mounted up Goodyear Assurance 235/65 16" tires. I think it looks great and should have a much better ride/handling then the previous rock hard Bridgestones.

2006 Honda Element
2WD/5 Speed
122,000 Miles

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They all have 5 since the 2006 model year.

The Si hatch had 5 bolt rims for 2004.
Looks like Acura center caps though. Might be off a TL?
The seller said they were from his Civic. He had to reuse the Honda center caps on his new rims so he gave me these Acura center caps he had laying around.

Here is a pic of them on a Civic. Of course the TL has some very similar looking wheels also.
Looks sharp. They are subtle but stand apart from the crowd.
Is the offset the same as the stock E wheels?
BTW I would be happy to have any center caps for my winter steelies! I keep a can of gloss black rustoleum handy though.:-D
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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