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Well back in the day I was an element owner :)
Ended up giving it to my father....

Since my "E"xperience i went to a TSX,Supercharged 06 Civic Si & a little beater Scion Xb.

Now here's my issue :)

MY xb suits me fine.... but my father wants to trade in the element for a smaller car.... so he offered to "trade" me for my xB and would in turn trade my XB into the dealership.

I owe 5k on my xB and my gf & I like it BUT we talked it over and we both like the Element more....

Problem is.. he doesn't really take care of cars well :(

    • Drivers seats ripped
    • Rear shocks sound blown
    • He smokes
    • Center console and middle console are horrific
    • front accessory bumper trim he ripped off on the highway & proceeded to "paint" the oem trim & put 2 screws in it lol
    • Dents here and there
    • Tools all over rear of car and scratched trim

    This is what is USED to look like before i gave it to him ( and put it back to stock)

    Think i should swap it back and fix all the issues
    Keep my car

    - Mike

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Ok, so you already gave your Dad the Element, he would give it back to you and you would give him the xB? How much is the Element worth, how much is the xB worth? How much damage has been done to the Element monetarily?

Which vehicle is worth more on trade? Which is worth more to sell outright? What about getting rid of both vehicles and getting yourself a new(er) Element?

How have things been Mike? Been a long time.

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