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Well back in the day I was an element owner :)
Ended up giving it to my father....

Since my "E"xperience i went to a TSX,Supercharged 06 Civic Si & a little beater Scion Xb.

Now here's my issue :)

MY xb suits me fine.... but my father wants to trade in the element for a smaller car.... so he offered to "trade" me for my xB and would in turn trade my XB into the dealership.

I owe 5k on my xB and my gf & I like it BUT we talked it over and we both like the Element more....

Problem is.. he doesn't really take care of cars well :(

    • Drivers seats ripped
    • Rear shocks sound blown
    • He smokes
    • Center console and middle console are horrific
    • front accessory bumper trim he ripped off on the highway & proceeded to "paint" the oem trim & put 2 screws in it lol
    • Dents here and there
    • Tools all over rear of car and scratched trim

    This is what is USED to look like before i gave it to him ( and put it back to stock)

    Think i should swap it back and fix all the issues
    Keep my car

    - Mike
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