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Hey Folks

I didn't find a dedicated 'maintenance' section with this topic.

For those of you who have had lots of Hondas for a long time and swap tires from summer to winter and back. Here's a solution to the minor rust that craps up the looks of the lug nuts after LOTS of lug wrench use.

I found a snap-cover plastic container (Folger's coffee tub) and dropped in my nuts and added builder's sand that was double their volume. Then I shook in lots of Bar Keeper's Friend (like Comet, etc) mild abrasive cleaner and topped it off with enough water to fill sand voids and dissolve cleaning agents in the BKF.

Then, LOTS of shaking and swirling and rolling the slurry to clean up the surface rust. Just like rock tumbling! Check on one or two every now and again to see how the process is coming. Then just wash off.

IF you are not reattaching to vehicle right away (I have two 'extra' sets), I'd suggest keeping them in another snap-cover plastic tub with some light oil to prevent the threading from rusting up as well as keeping the chrome rust-free.

Just my discovery from yesterday's car detailing ( new tires install and selling old rubber on Uncle Henry's!)
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