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Hi, I have been on the forums for about 6 months and have owned my 09 EX for 3.

I am in the planning stages for adding a car pc and 12.1 or 10.4 inch screen into the dash. I need to move some components, vents, radio, and climate controls. The vents I plan to move up so not a big deal, but the radio and climate controls I plan to move below the shifter continuing the shifter contour. I havent taken my dash appart yet, but it is probably safe to assume the wiring harnesses don't go down allowing me to just reroute them, so I will need to lenghthen them. I dont really want to cut into them and void my warranty so I need to make extension cables.

The radio seems simple enough as there are alot of resouces on this site on what harnesses to buy and how to make some from standard headers. The climate controls are another matter. I have seen the reverse side of the module and the connectors look very propritatary. I have seen some on Ebay with the cables just clipped so both connectors are there.

So my main question, is the climate controls and center dash trim the same on an 08 and 09? These units usually say they are for Elements 05 - 08 but they look the same as the one in my 09. If relocating the climate controls becomes a nightmare I'll go the 10.4 inch screen route.
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