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Good luck! :wink: [quote:1956d5c521="Bobbybm"]Tonight we are buying our element! I must admit that after finding this website and reading everyones messages and buying stories and general excitement over this car it has really spurred my to do it tonight. I don't want to be left out!!!! lol.. I'm in the SF bay area so I suppose my car price will be higher than the rest of the country. Gas is 2.25 a gallon out here for petes sake. But heres my deal...EX 2 wheel drive with 7y/100k warranty for $ 19,530. I used pricing to get a number I could live with. Now, as long as the dealer doesn't try to change the deal at the last moment or "suddenly" find some extra fees I'll be a full fledged member at 10:00pm tonight!!! WOO_HOO.....wish me luck!

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