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I'm in the process of finally buying an Element, but am stuck on the colors. I don't care for the two-tone look of the paint and the panels. So, I'm probably going to order a black EX. I prefer the more "unified" look of the black almost matching the panels. What I'm curious about is if the shoreline mist color matches the EX body panels? I saw one briefly on the road, and it looked ok, but haven't had a close look at one.
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Shoreline Mist does not match in the same way as it does on a black Element. There is a good deal of contrast. The thing that I find rather interesting is that the panels look brown-ish on SLM, very coordinated, even though the panels are the same on every color for each trim grouping (DX/EX). Maybe it's the slight metallic look that soaks up and reflects back the color, but they are almost chameleon-like.

Back to your question, though. If you are looking for the most unified, least contrasting combo, then black is your best bet.
or if you're in cali, go to the dealers that sell e's w/painted panels...the panels still contrast in the black, but more like the xterra.
hi guys and gals. i am new to this group and am really interested in the e. i am a 20 year-old college student so i guess i am who honda was after! my first question is i have seen all of these photos of a red e, but the brochure i have shows nothing of the sort. what is the deal? also any advice to someone who is strongly considering buying an e? thanks a ton!
What you are seeing is the SOP (Sunset Orange Pearl) in some pictures it looks red, others it looks orange.

Happy Shopping!

My advice to you is read the boards...know the "issues" around and above all make sure that it is the right choice for you. I bought a car when I was 21 and thought I would have it for a few years and then buy another....ended up owning it for 6 years and hated have fun and enjoy your test drive!
[quote:25011f3501="porkchapes"]also any advice to someone who is strongly considering buying an e? thanks a ton![/quote:25011f3501]

Don't be in too much of a hurry to make your deal. Do research on this and other Element sites. There's a ton of great information available for free! Also do some research on buying cars. Don't buy at the first dealer you go to. You can always go back to that dealer. The difference in prices between dealers can be enough to buy your accessories.

If you're good at putting things together buy your accessories, like the keyless entry on a discount Honda parts dealer on the Internet, and put them in yourself. You'll be amazed at the instructions you can find that make it easy.

Good luck!
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