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I need some info because I am getting a run around on replacing my compliance bushings on a 2005 Honda Element EX.

I called a the dealership where I bought my E's service department and I explained my E's passenger side Compliance Bushing was out. (read: Completely gone.) He tells me to come in even though he can't guarantee they will be replaced after looking and seeing that I have warranty left. (read: power train warranty)

This is a Honda Certified used vehicle. I am at 80'800 miles. I bought it at 54'xxx miles. I am the second owner as it was a lease vehicle.

I have not been able to find 'ANY' maintenance logs on this vehicle even looking at Honda's owner link.

What I need to know are the following things.

1. On a lease vehicle how do I find out who has the maintenance logs?

I need to know if the bushings had been replaced before I bought the vehicle.

2. How long are the Compliance Bushings supposed to last?

3. Since they are a wear item when does Honda recommend when they should be replaced. I can find nothing listed on Ownerlink or in the manual.

4. 04513-SCV-000 (What comes in this set besides the 2 bushings that
makes it worth $75-80 dollars)

5. I saw this parts list on Service bulletin 09-023 . The dealership is telling me they have to replace all this. They quoted me $400+ to replace the bushings themselves all total..

After I told them I ordered parts they told me $275 to install them. They had the bushing quote on the sheet at $125 dollars and like 8 dollars and 5 dollars per bolt. Is this normal?


  1. Flange Nut (’07–08 models, two required):
    P/N 90002-S10-000, H/C 4977401
  2. Front Compliance Bushing Kit
    (Includes left and right bushings):
    P/N 04513-SCV-000, H/C 9125105
  3. Lower Arm Flange Bolt
    (’07–08 models, two required per side):
    P/N 90118-SCV-A00, H/C 8401093
  4. Upper Arm Clip (two required):
    P/N 90701-SX0-003, H/C 4635033

What are the correct parts numbers for a 2005?

6. I noticed some people mentioning buying the entire control arm. Is this normal? Why would your replace it if the bushings are only 12 dollars? Is there anything else that would need to be replaced if I have to replace the bushings? Should I replace the struts at the same time?

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Sorry, I don't know what a 'compliance bushing' is. Where is it on the car?


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This is what a compliance bushing looks like.

They are located on the lower control arms. There is a diagram on one of the other threads. I read all the other threads and none of them explain what I want to know about the part. There should be a sticky for this.

From what I understand on some of their other cars they have mileage replacement recommendations for their parts as they find defects in the previous designs but I haven't found any for this. The rep I spoke with said the warranty protects from defects but most people don't ever ask the question 'How would I have known it was defective within the warranty period to have them replaced.' She said she didn't consider the part to be a wear item and I asked her if she thought spark plugs were a wear item and she said no. I was like if that is the case then why do they have to be replaced.

She told me I should look in my owners manual and I was like its not in there and its not on Owner-link under the recommendations for maintenance either.

I had to explain that it is not like they are going to tell you they found a defect unless someone makes an issue of it.

If a manufacturer defect overrides a warranty from the beginning no matter how long you have had the part it should have been replaced while it was under Honda's care and documented.

Toyotas revised recalls of the cars are based on the same theory that if they knew something was wrong with it they should tell you so it can be replaced.
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