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Condensation from A/C from vents?

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I am getting a lot of condensation from the A/C vents?
Any ideas? This is my first summer with element.
I am in the hot and stickly south but have never had a car do this.
It looks like a fog coming from the AC vents in the morning. Condensation dripping from vent.
AC works fine, along with the shower and special effects for the morning drive.
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I had a Toyota pickup that did that for awhile. They never did find anything wrong and it quit after a few months.
It's not a problem, nothing is wrong with your E. When the air running through the heater core is very humid, the cold from the AC will cause the water to condense into vapor and blow through your vents. Try turning it onto recirculate for a few minutes and it should stop.
X2 on recirculate, plus it will cool much better.
Yea youre fine as the others have said, mine does it all the time here in NC. Usually stops after the AC has had a chance to run for a while.
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