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[quote:1e8b42a45d="bRAD"]...From a financial point of view, I suppose I'd be stupid to sell such a new car anyways. Between the initial depreciation and the sales tax I've already paid, I'd be taking a pretty big hit to trade it in now...[/quote:1e8b42a45d]

My problem exactly! :wink:

Hey y'all! My first post a "wannabe" Element owner. :?
I just bought my fourth Jeep a year ago, a 2002 Wrangler X, to use as my daily driver. Now I'm really regretting it. I love to off-road, but that's what I'm building up a 1946 Willys CJ2A for, so that I don't tear up my commuter/utility vehicle. I bought the 2002 Wrangler to suit that purpose. But my luck, now I discover the Element...I think it's perfect for my needs! I'm no college kid, just your typical 32 year old guy with a job downtown and a house in the 'burbs. The Element is pretty close to what I would figure as the perfect utility vehicle. :D

Unfortunately, like bRAD, I owe over $18k on a vehicle with a trade in value of $10-12k. :( And with a wedding planned in a little over a year, I don't have the extra cash to make up the difference.

Heck, as impulsive as I am, maybe I'll see just how tempting an offer the Honda dealer will make me. :twisted: I just don't see it working though. It's probably a good thing I can't find a dealer around that has a green Element on the lot! :D

Either way, I'm going to keep reading the posts here, and checking out you guys' picks! :wink: I feel silly being so excited about a boxy little inexpensive runabout, but I just know I have to have one one day! 8)

Anyone wanna buy a Jeep? j/k! :D
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