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Just an FYI about the side safety issue.

The lack of a B-pillar does affect the safety of the E. It is still a very safe car, but the side crash test ratings aren't so good. You can't really integrate a B pillar into the door, it's not the same as having an actual B pillar that is an intergal part of the frame.

CR-V's (with a B pillar) do a little better in the side crash test. But both the E and CRV were disappointing.

They WERE tested without SAB though.

If I were to buy a new E or CRV (actually I am buying a CRV soon) then I would definitley spring for the side airbags. They are worth it in any car really. They are great at preventing head injuries which are common in side impact crashes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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